The policies and procedures Governing Appointment Lists for Attorneys Ad Litem, Guardians Ad Litem, Attorneys serving as Guardian, Private Professional Guardians, and Mediators changed on September 1, 2015

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Tarrant County Probate Court No. One

You must complete the registration form below, and return it to the following:

Court One Appointee Policy Registration Form

Mark W. Sullivan, Probate Court One,

Tarrant County Probate Court No. Two


Tarrant County Probate Court No. Two

Ad Litem Appointments


Probate Court No. 2 does NOT require, but will accept the Appointee Policy Registration Form that was sent out to you by email on August 31, 2015.   Tarrant County Probate Court No. 2 issued a notice that was previously sent regarding its policies regarding ad litem appointments.

If you have already complied with the previously issued notice below, there is no need to send the Court One registration to Court Two.

Please review the Notice for Appointments beginning September 1, 2015

Probate Court 2 Notice on Appointments

Contact Steve Fields at with questions.